Rachael Lopez

Rachael wears many hats within the West Haven Group. Officially, she is the group’s Transaction & Marketing Coordinator, but she is so talented that she is able to do almost every aspect of successfully transacting residential real estate. In 2022 she helped her team, the West Haven Group achieve the Board’s Medallion Club achievement award.


Rachael is an excellent problem solver and is very effective when it comes to stepping in to ensure tasks are accomplished or challenges are overcome – all while positive and delightful demeanor. She likely honed these abilities both from being a mom to two wonderful teenage daughters while running her own customer-facing business for many years. She also had an additional decade of experience in office coordination, program coordination, and supply chain management with WestJet.


Rachael has renovated several houses over the years, as well as being part of the design and construction process of building brand new. She is intimately familiar with the residential real estate industry in the Lower Mainland.


In her free time outside of her busy West Haven Group work schedule, she enjoys being a fantastic mom, practicing yoga, hiking local trails, and skiing Whistler’s hills. She would like time to do other things, but West Haven Group has much of her time held captive.