What to Look for in a Great Vancouver Rental Property

When looking for a great, high-performing Vancouver rental property, look for the following things:

1) Maximize the ratio between rental rate and purchase price. Just because you pay more or less for a property does not mean that the rental rate increases or decreases proportionately. For example…

How to AirBnb Your Condo Legally In Vancouver

Given the new Vancouver bylaws, here is how you can Airbnb your Vancouver condo legally:

Step 1:
Review the building’s bylaws document. If rentals are allowed, is there a minimum lease length requirement. If not, then short term rentals would be permitted.

Step 2:
New Vancouver bylaws say that you can Airbnb your condo only if it’s your primary residence. The City says you must reside in this residence at least 180 days per year.

Step 3:
Apply for a short term business license from the City. You will need the license number to add to your Airbnb posting.

You can now begin renting your space for less than 180 days per year for periods of less than 30 days.