5 Seller Errors When Listing Properties for Sale

Aug 12, 2022 | Industry Experts, New Listings, Renovations, Selling, Staging

It is common for sellers to make various errors when preparing their home for photos and to show beautifully to prospective buyers.

In the first of our series ‘Getting Real’, Shawn and Steven from the West Haven Group chat about some of the common errors (and even delusions) that they see made by sellers and ultimately how to solve them. These include:

  1. When listing, it is important to know how to decipher between the sentimental value of your items and what potential buyers find visually appealing. Sometimes it can be challenging to have to stow away items that mean something to you, but it’s only temporary, and will pay off in the end!
  2. Children can be an issue when listing a home because it is so difficult for parents to keep a home showing perfectly for property viewings. If possible, homeowners might consider scheduling a family vacation or a stay with grandparents until the home is sold firm (hopefully quickly!).
  3. Unless your home is immaculately designed and furnished, consider a design upgrade for sale. Or more efficiently, consider working with your agent to put various pieces of furniture into storage so that the home can be partially or fully staged. 
  4. We appreciate that most sellers take pride in their home and vow to keep it immaculately clean for selling, however, this is often not the case when day-to-day challenges arise. Consider weekly professional cleaning while the home is for sale. Even twice a week might be something to consider to guarantee a constantly excellent result. 
  5. We appreciate the accessories that you have chosen to decorate your home. However, too many can feel cluttered, especially in real estate photographs. Ask your Realtor to present you with a room-by-room detailed list of what should be stored, hidden, sold, or donated.



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