How to Prepare Your Vancouver Home to Sell FAST!

Feb 6, 2020 | Selling, Staging

Preparing a Home for Sale

Everyone knows how well a property shows affects the selling price and the days on market. Yet, it isn’t common that properties show beautifully. With the West Haven Group, we are very serious about our marketing, and our listings almost always show perfectly.

Assisted Staging to Sell

To accomplish this, we have many resources and techniques that we rely on. One is that we maintain a large storage locker in Vancouver that houses our in-house staging items. When we have a listing where the large pieces of furniture are fairly nice, but where the home lacks accessories and finishing touches, we will often turn the home into a ’show suite’ using items that we pull from our storage location.

Downtown Vancouver Condo Ready for Sale

Here is an example. Our team recently prepared this listing in a matter of days by using our in-house staging items, plus our trade partners. Aside from the seller following a specific list of what to de-clutter, we also brought in our cleaning team, painting team, handiwork team, and then performed the stage. While what we did was fairly limited, you can see that the home shows, photographs, and videos perfectly.

For more information on how we can help you to successfully sell your property, check out our Marketing page.

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