Hastings Sunrise

Neighbourhood Profile


Hastings-Sunrise, also called “East Village” by some locals, is quite an up-and-coming neighbourhood and it is no wonder why—it has close proximity to Downtown Vancouver with the Hastings corridor, the North Shore with the Second Narrows Bridge, and South Vancouver via Renfrew Street. There is an abundance of grocery markets, restaurants, breweries, schools, and green space found in the many city parks.

What is the neighbourhood known and appreciated for?

While the waterfront is typically quite industrial, there are certain streets that provide amazing water views and/or north facing views of our famous North Shore mountains. Well-known amenities in the area include the Pacific National Exhibition, home to the historic annual summer Fair and the nearby Hastings Racecourse, which is always a fun time.

What is the main type(s) of real estate?

Along the main Hastings corridor, there is high densification of commercial storefronts as well as low-rise apartment buildings. Quite a few newer developments have gone up in the last 10 years, with many more under construction. If you are a first-time homebuyer, Hastings-Sunrise is a great spot to consider as there are more affordable options available here.

As this neighbourhood is becoming more popular, there are also many older single-family homes being renovated north of Hastings to make them more attractive for resale. So, if you are looking to move up to something larger for your next home, this could also be a great area for you.

What is the neighbourhood vibe?

Hastings-Sunrise is a welcoming and unique neighbourhood that really does have something for everyone. You can do the popular brewery crawl, visit one of the highly-rated small restaurants, spend the day at the outdoor pool at New Brighton Park, bike along the waterfront of Wall Street and Commissioner or go hunting for unique finds at one of the many small grocers. This area has an amazing varied demographic thanks to an influx of young professionals and new immigrants over recent years joining the established artists and working-class families. This mix of residents has led to a diverse sense of community, something that many are searching for when looking to create their next home.

What is the main downside?

As mentioned off the top, this is an up-and-coming neighbourhood and as such, parts of the area are still in transition with run-down apartments and stores. With this in mind, it is crucial to work with a great agent who understands the area and the different buildings and houses as well as the future development plans to ensure you make a savvy purchase.

What is the short and longer-term future of the area?

Almost every lot along Hastings Street will have a new development along with other areas also expanding or renewing their real estate, which is fantastic news for this neighbourhood. Excitedly, we are expecting to see some higher levels of design in these new builds—for example, there are developments planned that will have expansive windows to take advantage of the views, as well as rooftop decks. We are also seeing a lot more carriage houses being built as a popular way to make the cost of a single-family home more affordable. In the same vein, there are also many who are sub-dividing lots for duplexes and townhouses. This will be an important neighbourhood to watch out for in the future with expanded options for every type of buyer.

What are prices like?

The prices in Hastings Sunrise are more achievable than Mount Pleasant or Grandview while still having comparable amenities in the area and being super close to the Downtown core.

Median prices at time of publication are as follows:
Apartment/condo: $399,000
Townhouses: $1,198,500
Houses: $2,143,500

Hastings Sunrise Buildings