Which Buildings Allow Airbnb/VRBO in Vancouver?

Jan 5, 2021 | Buying, Investing, Renting, Vancouver

Almost every strata/condo building in downtown Vancouver has voted through bylaws not permitting short term rentals. Although there are strict rules surrounding the issue, there are some strata buildings which still allow for short term rentals like Airbnb and vacation rentals by owner (VRBO). You will need to apply for a license to do so, but knowing which properties allow short term rentals may factor into your investment decisions.


Does Vancouver Support Short Term Rentals?

The rise of Vancouver property in the last decade has priced a lot of residents out of the market. In order to make housing more available and affordable, a number of taxes have been implemented to try and resupply the market with unused or vacant properties. Similarly, the City of Vancouver has implemented rules and regulations surrounding short term rental properties, such as those used for Airbnb, in attempt to make housing more affordable for city residents.

A ‘short term’ rental is one that occurs for less than 30 days. Prior to April 2018, the only short term rentals available were licensed hotels and bed and breakfasts. From September 2018 however, homeowners have been able to apply for a short-term rentals business license, and use their property to supplement their income.

Whilst short term rentals are now permitted, they must:

  • Adhere to the City of Vancouver rules surrounding Airbnb/VRBO

  • Be permitted by the strata bylaws

Does My Vancouver Property Qualify for Airbnb?

The main stipulation when it comes to the short term rentals license in Vancouver is that the property must be your primary residence. That is, you live in it for at least 180 days of the year. The rental can be the entire home or a room within it, and property owners must acquire both the license and approval from their strata body to qualify. It also needs to meet the required safety standards, such as fire safety, and be considered a legal dwelling.

It’s important to note that these restrictions only apply to strata buildings. If you own a freehold property you are free to use it as you wish.

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Strata Buildings That ALLOW Airbnb in Vancouver

Whilst we aim to maintain the accuracy and recency of this list of Airbnb/VRBO approved properties in Vancouver, strata rules can literally be changed at any time. The following details the most up-to-date list for buildings that allow for short-term rentals for Airbnb/VRBO, as well as which strata buildings in Vancouver allow short-term rentals for 30 days or more.

For the most up-to-date information regarding which strata buildings allow for short-term rentals in Vancouver, or if you’re looking for a buyers agent to acquire one of these properties, please reach out and connect with our team.

    • 618 and 688 Abbott Street (Also same at 58 Keefer Place as they are same development) – Firenze

    • 689 Abbott Street and 188 Keefer Place – Espana

    • 555 Abbott Street – Paris Place

    • 1060 Alberni Street – The Carlyle

    • 907 Beach Avenue – Coral Court

    • 890 Broughton Street – 890 Broughton

    • 1050 Burrard Street – Wall Centre

    • 1160 Burrard Street – 1160 Burrard

    • 1238 Burrard Street – Altadena

    • 1010 Chico Street – Chilco Park

    • 933, 955, & 983 E Hastings Street – Strathcona Village

    • 1226 Hamilton Street – Greenwich Place
    • 1010 Howe Street – Fortune House

    • 183 Keefer Place – Paris Place

    • 718 Main Street – Ginger

    • 1166 Melville Street – Orca Place

    • 989 Nelson Street – Electra

    • 933 Seymour Street – Spot

    • 1372 Seymour Street – Mark

    • 141 Water Street – Malkin Building

    • 33 West Pender Street – 33 West Pender

    • 1550 Barclay – The Barclay
    • 55 E Cordova Street (Koret Lofts) *7 day minimum

    • 370 Carrall Street – 21 Doors Lofts

    • 557 East Cordova Street – Cordovan

    • 233 Kingsway – VYA
    • 1200 & 1288 W Georgia – Residence on Georgia

North Vancouver 

  • 108 E 8th Street – Crest by Adera
  • 137-149 St Patrick’s Avenue – Synergy
  • 135 W 2nd Street – Capstone
  • 649 E 3rd Street – The Morrison
  • 1633 Tatlow – Tatlow Homes
  • 550 Browning – Tanager

Strata Buildings in Vancouver That Allow Short Term Lease/Rental- Minimum 30 Day Lease

Whilst some strata buildings in Vancouver allow Airbnb/VRBO, others require a minimum 30-day lease term to be eligible for short term rental. Similar to rental properties allowing less than 30-day terms, these restrictions are dictated by individual strata regulations and can vary between buildings, or change with each meeting of the strata body. It’s also important to note that property owners are still required to adhere to the City of Vancouver rules surrounding short term rentals, including acquiring a short term rentals business license.

At the time of writing, the following properties allow for short term rentals in Vancouver, for a minimum lease length of 30 days:

  • 27 Alexander – Alexis

  • 1200 Alberni Street – The Palisades

  • 1288 Alberni Street – The Palisades

  • 1003 Burnaby Street – Milano

  • 928 Richards Street – Savoy

  • 188 Keefer Street – 188 Keefer

  • 1133 Hornby Street – Addition

  • 87 and 89 Nelson Street – Arc
  • 2328 Oxford Street – The Mariner

North Vancouver 

  • 119 W 22nd Street – Anderson Walk
  • 159 W 22nd Street – Anderson Walk
  • 175 W 1st Street – Time West
  • 112 E 13th Street – Centreview West
  • 125 E 14th Street – Centreview East
  • 151 2nd Street West  – Sky
  • 105 W 2nd Street – Wallace & McDowell
  • 133 E Esplanade – Pinnacle Residences
  • 1061 Marine Drive – X61 Living

We will continue to add to/maintain this list as new information becomes available. If you are aware of any other strata properties that allow Airbnb or VRBO in Vancouver or would like to notify us about incorrect/out-dated information please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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